Quality Policy

We at Petron, being very aggressive in our attitude towards quality and performance and committed to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, primarily want to be ranked as the best in our business. Quality is not just another goal, but it is our basic strategy for survival and future growth.Consistently meeting or exceeding our customer's expectations for quality service and performance and knowing who our Customers are, we will be able to fit in the best for what is demanded.

Conformance to our customers need is the definition we give to quality, and we achieve this through

  • Recognising each employee's responsibility for quality
  • Zero compromise with safety
  • Timely delivery of prducts and services to meet our customers requirements
  • Properly trained employees so that they are better able to serve our customers
We understand that, measuring our achievements and setting higher targets to satisfy our customers in all dimensions are the basic steps of growth and we will strive to attain this throughout each revisions of this document.